How to accessorise your coffee table on a budget: Get the look

Want to accessorise your coffee table/bedside tables/console of your new house or flat? Don't want to break your bank for it? I feel you!
It's important to make your home a space you love, that reflects your personality and also that impresses your guests! So how do you add this beaming personality of yours dotted around? Sometimes it's hard to make your home look just as stunning as in the images on Pinterest but it's not impossible! Let me tell you how you can get the look you want without necessarily paying a heavy price for it. Bargain, eh? Here are 5 simple steps:
1. Add a tray to your table:
You do not want to leave your coffee table or console empty or cluttered with used coffee mugs, old newspapers, etc. Nope. Put all of that away on a regular basis. Get a really nice tray that you like but also make sure its not too big and does not take up the entire table! Your tray could be rustic or metallic or glass...whatever works for you and the style you're envisioning.
2. Add things you love to your tray:
Now, there are a lot of options as to what you may want to add to your tray but you can pick as many or as little as you like. I would suggest adding a minimum of 3 objects to your tray. If all your objects do not fit on your tray, place bigger objects outside the tray. Remember, this is reflecting YOUR personality so you have to decide what style and items scream YOU best, but here are some ideas:
- A nice candle/candle holder (or two). Pick subtle scents
- A box of long matches. These generally look nicer than a lighter and there is something romantic about it
- Small plant pots/succulents to add life to your space
- A crystal or a rock
- A small scented room spray, but nothing too strong
- A small jar with something personal/special in it
- A small decorative sculpture/accessory
- 4 coasters to match your ensemble
3. Small photo frames:
Add a maximum of two photo frames on your table. One frame would work too. Make sure they are of different sizes. This is a great way to display a few of your life's special moments. Photos always make me smile!
4. Books or Magazines:
Something to flip through while sipping some coffee. Subscribe to the magazines you love or would love to read. Buy a few books or catalogues, preferably related to your field. Stack them neatly in order of size. Update them from time to time to keep things fresh!
5. Fresh flowers always do the trick:
Flowers are the life of your table. They add that 'something living', 'something colourful' and 'something natural' to your table. Choose the shape and size of your vase depending on the size of your table. Change your flowers regularly as this will be your 'variable'  item. Fresh flowers = fresh mind. Don't be afraid to experiment!

Now that we've got an idea of what we need, lets go get 'the look' for less!
Photo by Comtesse Du Chocolat
Let's do this the 'Hygee' way? Hygee is buzzing trend at the moment. Especially if you live in a cold country, you may want a warm cosy atmosphere all year round. This look works well for you if you're a fan of the rustic countryside ambience. Oh and do add those cute little crochet candle holders to your tray!
Get the look:
Casa Couturear Beaten Metal Bar Tray by House of Fraser
Heart Rose Trinket Box by Marks and Spencers
LSA Globe Vase by House of Fraser
Lavender & Chamomile Room Spray by Marks and Spencers
Linea Pilar Candle Holder by House of Fraser
Linea Candle by House of Fraser

Photo by The Every Girl
If you're like me and don't have a very big flat and almost everything you own is white, you'll love this minimal & feminine look. You don't need to have too many things on your table. A few essentials work just fine. Flowers are my favourite. 
Get the look:
Wooden Tray by Minimum World
Jo Malone Ccandle by House of Fraser
LSA Ulitility Pot Leather Handle by House of Fraser

Photo by Michelle got married
That girl next door look - perfect for a feminine decor. I particularly love the shades of pink in one picture. Add some green succulents to compliment the pink. The Wicker basket tray definitely binds the bright colours together. Those handles are so useful!
Get the look:
Venice Vase by Seltmann Weiden
Succulent Desk Top Plant in Pot by My Maison
Rattan Tray by Castleton Home
Rubharb Flower candle by M&S
Slate Coasters by House of Fraser
Elements of Style by Erin Gates

Photo by Miss Molly Vintage
Monochromatic with a touch of elegance. This look is for the cosmopolitan individual. You like the chic balance of Yin and Yang.  
Get the look:
LSA International Flower Bouquet Globe Vase by John Lewis
The Little Book of Chanel by Emma Baxter-Wright
Square Stone Paper Weight by Zara Home
Coral shaped decorative figure by Zara Home
Barside Bowl by Anthropologie
Voluspa Ambre Lumiere Fragrance by House of Fraser

Photo Source Unknown
Photo Source Unknown
As much as I love succulents, I love finding unique plant holders too. This look is for an earthy personality who's in touch with the natural elements surrounding us. You find beauty in simplicity and you surely love your greens! 
Get the look:
Succulent plant pot by BerriesforBella
Genware Stainless Steel tray by Noble Express
Matt Brass Candlestick Holder by John Lewis
Vase by House Doctor
Leather Pot by Headlandshandmade
Casa Couture Marble Candle Holder by House of Fraser

Photo by The Decorista
A delicate combination for your mysterious personality. Who doesn't love spring? This lovely 'cherry blossom' inspired look is perfect to lift those gloomy days. 
Get the look:
Shell by Zara Home
Lavender and Chamomile Candle by M&S
Glass Vase by Knorr Prandell

Photo by Monika Hibbs
Marble and Gold work so well with each other, almost like they belong together. You can never have enough marble around. Don't be afraid to experiment with shapes and forms. 
Get the look:
Gold Hammered Coasters by Marquis & Dawe
Long Burning Matches by terrain
LSA Flower Texture Grand Posy Vase by House of Fraser
Golden Amber Large Filled Candle by M&S
Honed White Cararra Hexagon Marble Tray by Shippela
Quartz Crystal by Moominsboutique

Photo by Elle Decor
Simple natural elements to freshen up your space. I personally love the agate coasters, don't you? 
Get the look:
Terarrium by Joy
Teal Agate coasters by Rock Chic Homewares (Etsy)
White ceramic round Succulent planter by Cloud Design US
Ok, I'm off to do my tables. I love changing my flower selection every week. Do send me photos of your personally styled table! My Pinterest Board may help with some more ideas. The inspiration never stops!


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